Heard Something, Read Something #3

Heard Something I love to listen to audiobooks. I listened to audiobooks and podcasts in my commute, back to pre-pandemic days. Since I don’t commute, my listening time has been down, and I am left behind in my ‘reading’ and podcast episodes. I read People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry in audio format. […]

Heard Something, Read Something #2

This edition contains links I found from David Perell Newsletters. He is a great author and teaches people to write in his writing school named Writing Passage. Heard Something One of the best books about Productivity is Atomic Habit, written by James Clear. He wrote that we can reach optimal productivity by building upon small […]

Heard Something, Read Something #1

I am trying a new approach for posting content in my blog, where I will share something I heard or read these past weeks that interest me. I found this approach from Jason Fried of Basecamp, where he posts series of contents in this format. This kind of post can also act as bookmarks, so […]

Easy application deployment with OpenShift Container Platform

OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes distribution from Red Hat. OCP enables companies to run production-grade applications with ease. OCP can run on top of any infrastructure, from bare metal servers to public cloud providers. OCP provides many options for the developer to deploy their applications on top of OCP. All available deployment […]

Pandemic and Content Consumption

As you all know, 2020 is full of surprises. I had read in December 2019; there were several cases of an unknown deadly virus in Wu Han, China. I remember treating it lightly, probably just some fake news or wrong translation from a Chinese news site. We started seeing similar symptoms in other provinces in […]

Some Life Updates

So this blog has not been updated for a couple of months. It is really not according to my plan, which is regularly updating this blog. But it is tough to be disciplined. So a work-related update, I now have a new job. After spending 5 years in a startup, I am moving again to […]

Post WWDC 2020

It has been a month since Apple held WWDC 2020. I wrote some wish list before in this post. Let’s talk about impressions from this first online WWDC ever. First, I love the new format! It is easier for me to follow all the sessions compare to previous year. Apple has done great job, providing […]

Posting from Ulysses

I am trying to make writing a habit, yet I am not updating this blog for a month. Now, I am looking for ways to post without having to open editor. I used to blog using desktop app before, I used desktop client in Linux (I forgot the name). I found it is easier […]

WWDC 2020 Wishlist

WWDC 2020 will be a streaming event due to COVID-19. It will be aired on live tonight (00:00 GMT+7). This is exciting to have live streaming for event this big. I am excited to see how iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, WatchOS and macOS are moving forward. My Wishlist for this year release are: Better external display […]

Designing Microservices

It started from this question in StackOverflow about dependent microservices. I followed several references and found interesting things related to system architecture. I put those here for future references. There is a model we can use for scalability, named Scale Cube. It has 3 (three) dimensions: X-axis – Horizontal Duplication – Scale by Cloning Y-axis […]


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