Heard Something, Read Something #3

Heard Something

I love to listen to audiobooks. I listened to audiobooks and podcasts in my commute, back to pre-pandemic days. Since I don’t commute, my listening time has been down, and I am left behind in my ‘reading’ and podcast episodes.

I read People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry in audio format. I use Audible for audiobooks; I subscribed monthly for one credit, which I can use to buy audiobooks at any price. The book is fascinating; the author is famous for writing fun and romantic stories. I found her because I bought her first break titled Beach Read, and I am enjoying it.

Read Something

One of the most exciting things I learned in my Red Hat tenure is Quarkus. It is a Java application framework built for the cloud. It has support for containers and Kubernetes from the ground up. Furthermore, it runs very fast and uses minimal resources, space-wise or memory-wise. Quarkus released the 2.0 version a couple of months ago, and it is incredible. The Red Hat Build of Quarkus is also updated to the new version, so some recent articles feature the latest version. I want to link to these two articles from Red Hat Developer:

Another article I would like to link is genuinely motivating, at least for me. This article talks about how Malcolm X learned how to read. He knew how to read when he spent time in prison for seven years. He loves reading so much that he ‘adjust’ his eyes to be able to read in bad lighting. It is inspiring to see how much reading can make a difference in someone’s life.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and healthy!

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