Some Life Updates

So this blog has not been updated for a couple of months. It is really not according to my plan, which is regularly updating this blog. But it is tough to be disciplined.

So a work-related update, I now have a new job. After spending 5 years in a startup, I am moving again to the corporate world. I joined Red Hat Indonesia as a Specialist Solution Architect. I was assigned to focus on Application Development-related products in Red Hat.

Red Hat is a very unique company. It is very well known for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux, a variant of GNU/Linux tailored for the enterprise environment. Red Hat is very devoted to Open Source; they apply the open-source model to everything. All products are based on upstream versions of open source, where Red Hat performs improvements and tests to produce enterprise-grade software solutions.

I am on my third month here, and I am thrilled with Red Hat. Red Hat adopts open culture, where every crucial business decisions are discussed openly, so everybody can contribute. It is a fascinating culture for an organization with a large number of associates.

I am still learning so much about its products. I need to work harder because I don’t have any sales-related background. But right now, I have a great manager and teammates helping me. I really hope to learn many things here and pave my way to contribute to open-source software.

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