Post WWDC 2020

It has been a month since Apple held WWDC 2020. I wrote some wish list before in this post. Let’s talk about impressions from this first online WWDC ever.

First, I love the new format! It is easier for me to follow all the sessions compare to previous year. Apple has done great job, providing with great streaming videos. Apple also updated their Apple Developer App with great features to support online format.

There are big updates for all platform. But this year WWDC finally give necessary update for the macOS. I am happy and thrilled to see macOS Big Sur. But l am sad that my Mac Mini are out of list supported hardware. New macOS also increase the version to 11 after 20 years. They introduced new design language, bringing some from iOS. I love new look, but as usual not everybody is onboard new changes.

Biggest news this year is transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon. I am not really surprised with this move, since Apple already pave this way for last decade. I saw several benchmark where iPad Pro kicked Intel-powered MacBook Pro to dust. I also sense that there is problem in Intel, they are being overtook by AMD in desktop CPU, and Apple in mobile CPU.

As long as I followed Apple stuff, I can’t remember when they stop transitioning. I knew Apple in 2007, time when they started Intel transition. They continued transition in software, start from moving from 32-bit to 64-bit, adaptive size classes, Objective-C to Swift, Storyboard to SwiftUI, and many more. They just don’t stop, keep moving the platform forward.

I have installed iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 in my daily drivers, right from public beta started. It has been smooth ride and I am waiting for WatchOS 7 public beta. I love the new widget features, especially Smart Stack and Siri Suggestions. On iPad OS 14, Scribbles capability really blows my mind. I am using my Apple Pencil more and more, and having fun to write into any input.

As from my wish list, I am still (patiently) waiting for better external display support. Also probably capability for iOS/iPad OS to be able manage multiple audio input / output source. I love using my iPad for attending Zoom, and I experienced myself it is hard to record audio session in webinars or meetings.

I am happy that several things are finally arrived, but still limited. I love how you can change default app. Altough only for Email and Browser app. But, my wish related to improvement for Spotlight, and Web Extension framework for Safari are coming this year.

From developer perspective, I am happy to start learning about SwiftUI. The framework is growing and bringing many features related to UI development. I can build good interface using several lines of code. Apple really doing good job with SwiftUI. As backend developer myself, I also love to see that Apple also develop AWS Lambda library for Swift. I must say, Swift is coming a potential cross-platform. I prefer to code in Swift (or Kotlin) than JavaScript. I really like static typing language.

There are lots of improvement across all platform. I am really excited to learn and see what new apps will come in the near future. Now, back to learn Swift!.

WWDC 2020 Wishlist

WWDC 2020 will be a streaming event due to COVID-19. It will be aired on live tonight (00:00 GMT+7). This is exciting to have live streaming for event this big. I am excited to see how iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, WatchOS and macOS are moving forward.

My Wishlist for this year release are:

  1. Better external display support for iPadOS. It is painful to see when you project your display into a 4K monitor, and all you can see is a 1280-800 picture. Please give us options for external display resolutions.
  2. Support for extended display mode. I hope this can be done this year. Having extended mode will be awesome, and I think really can push the iPad as a desktop replacement.
  3. The ability has to replace default apps in iOS. No further explanation.
  4. Ability to have other browser engines in iOS.
  5. This is a particular wish, but I would like to iOS to have the ability to manage audio source and output. I wish I can still listen to short clips on twitter while I listen to my podcast. Or I can mute some apps while others are not. It is like SoundSource from Rogue Amoeba.
  6. I like to have Alfred-like capabilities in the iOS spotlight. It will be awesome to have the ability to invoke system commands to control devices. Want more awesomeness? Open the possibilities for people to write plugins for iOS Spotlight.
  7. This is Shortcut related wish. I am using Shortcuts in Safari to restore video control when I am watching a video. But I need to trigger that every time, and it is tiring. I wish Shortcut will have the ability to run automatically when I opened some website. This kind of ability would be excellent.
  8. Apple Pay related wish. Please oh please come to Indonesia ASAP.
  9. Also for ECG capability in WatchOS. I want to give my parents Apple Watch for them when this feature is available in Indonesia.
  10. Xcode Lite? Probably like CodeRunner.
  11. Better Safari for iOS. IPadOS provides a desktop-class Safari browser in iOS 13; I tend to use the web version of an app more and more (I am looking at you, Google Docs). I love how you can also use Apple Pencil as a pointer, but it would be awesome if I can use it for things like sign a document, highlight text in the browser, etc.
  12. Please give us better text selection. It is hard to do, even in large iPad with latest software.

Woot, lots of wishes. I know this year is chaotic, but if I really want to have my top 3 this year. Let see if Apple delivers them tonight.